Fleet Corps of Engineering

A Few Extra Pounds

-in which our crew funs afoul The Law

    Our crew has been given a straightforward task.  They've been asked to verify the structural integrity of a launch pad on the colony where their ship is taking on supplies.  Repairs will then be scheduled on their preliminary findings.  After a brief discussion with the launch pad manager, they're informed that deflection is inconsistent with the reported weights of the vessels.  Furthermore, it's not ever consistently off.  As increased deflection is a sign of pad weakness, it has been closed to larger vessels until it can be checked out.

     Some investigation with the x-ray glasses reveales no faults in the launch pad, but they DO find a pit near the launch pad, which has been covered over with a metal plate.  They consider that it may be a dead drop for smugglers, a hide, or something else entirely.  

     After staking out the hole for a couple days, they don't discover anything, and reopen the pad to try to get more information.  The next ship comes, and indeed the sensors suggest it is overweight, of the pad is weak.

They carefully watch the cargo being unloaded and reloaded, but the only odd thing they see is one crate is moved to the tarmac, then reloaded.  That night someone approaches the hole through the woods, but turns away before they can be seen clearly.  They make the call to close down the launch pad, and investigate more.

The party splits up, Cal and Ardina to interrogate the ship crew and investigate the remaining cargo crate, and Sanya and Sal to watch the hole.  

Cal and Ardina only ask a few question before the crew member says he has to go get the captain before letting them, which he closes the airlock, and goes to do.  Fortunately with Sanya and Sal watching the hole, they're in position to see the crewman run from the other side of the ship!

A chase ensues!  Sal and Sanya tail the man to a bar in town.

Ardina and Cal break into the ship and begin investigating / looting the lone crate left after unloading as well as the other cargo.  They find a variety of goods including narcotics and counterfit products which have been repackaged into holo player boxes.

Sal waits in the bar watching the crewman, while Sanya and a couple marines  cover the exits.  After a short wait the two men attempt to leave and Sal tries to stop them.  Fighting ensues, and very quickly the two men are subdued… and the police show up.

The police arrest everyone involved in the fight for good measure, notifying the captains of all arrested parties.  The captain of the cargo ship rushes out to his ship since that crewman was the only one aboard to find two thieves aboard his ship who are also arrested.





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