Sanya Rosson


Sanya Rosson was born to Maelana and Zaen Rosson in 2594. She was the youngest of 4 children, and the only girl. Her brothers Keve (3 years older), Andos (5 years older), and Eussell (8 years older), always looked out for Sanya, but also ensured that she knew how to fight and defend herself. Always small for her age, Sanya learned to use her personality and charm to get what she wanted, only opting for a fight as a last resort.

The Rosson family lived on Katdia in the Hyrokkin star system, which was a part of the Rigunmor Star Consortium. The Consortium paid the planet no mind as long as it produced the required profit. The community on the planet itself was a diverse community of folk hailing from almost any species you could think of. Sanya had a natural gift for languages, and learned Felini, Fraal, and Mechalus from her friends growing up.

Always putting profit first, the Consortium traded Katdia to VoidCorp in 2601 in exchange for a planet rich in natural resources, and one which they deemed more profitable. Within days VoidCorp forces appeared on Katdia, demanding that all inhabitants become employees or be “lethally terminated”. The inhabitants of Katdia appealed to the

Consortium and the Galactic Concord, calling the agreement unjust and an act of war. Their pleas were not heard, however, and they took to arms against VoidCorp, despite knowing that the odds were not in their favor.

After 6 months of fighting the Katdia resistance was beginning to wear thin, and bribed smugglers to see the children and those not able to fight off the planet. Despite doing her best to persuade her family that she could stay and fight, Sanya was smuggled off of Katdia, leaving the rest of her family behind on the planet to fight for their freedom.

The smuggling vessel eventually landed on Jormungand, a planet in Orion League territory. There she was taken in by Pharia and Earon Robutl, who raised her as their own daughter. Sanya could never sit still, and often wandered the woods and wildcountry near her new house. Much to her delight, she found that she was able to charm animals nearly as easily as people, and enjoyed teaching the local wildlife new tricks. Despite living a comfortable life with her foster parents, Sanya couldn’t forget her family and longed to find them again. In 2609, Sanya left Jormungand to search for information on her parents and brothers. She drifted from planet to planet, following up on leads, and using her charm to try and find new information. Despite her best efforts, Sanya has not been able to determine if her family got off the planet, were killed in the rebellion, or are employees of the VoidCorp workforce.

In 2614, after 5 years of wandering the stars, Sanya decided to join the Fleet Corps of Engineers, using her language skills to learn more about local populations and their history. In reality, the Corps is just a means to an end, allowing Sanya to travel among the planets seeking information about her family on someone else’s dime. She’s loyal to the Corps to a point, but would leave them without a second thought if it meant finding her family.

Sanya Rosson

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